Tea on Tuesday :: 2.22

Tea on Tuesday with Christi @ Grey Umbrella. In bullet point form:

  • we had some house guests over the weekend which was lovely, but that means that i have to wash two sets of sheets now. booo!
  • we made breakfast pizza on Sunday and ohhhh my gosh it was delicious. I have no pictures of it because I was way too busy devouring it. Ours was scrambled eggs, hot breakfast sausage, hash browns, red onion, green pepper and cheese. then hot sauce before eating. i think its the hot sauce that really puts it over the top
  • i’ve been really bad about meal planning the past few weeks. i think i’m hitting a lazy patch
  • we have a furniture delivery tomorrow! i’m 99% sure that it’s just the chest of drawers, but still exciting. cross your fingers that the cherry finish goes well with the mahogany finish of the bed.
  • we found out that we have a leak in our sprinkler system. talk about a nightmare. we have the water turned off to the sprinkler system and we’re waiting on the sprinkler guy to come out and fix it. the worst part is that apparently our water bill has been merely *estimated* so we’ll be in for a HUGE bill once the county actually reads the meter. ouch!

How is your tuesday going?


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