Laundry Room Revamp

Happy Friday, all!

I finally got around to a “to-do” that’s been on my list for an embarrassingly long time. I repainted the plywood countertop in the laundry room.

When I first took on this project not too long after we moved into our house, I had no clue what I was doing. I used polyurethane to seal my painted white plywood. Big mistake. Let’s just say that the countertop was looking more yellow than white.

This picture is actually the BOTTOM side of the countertop. Yeah. The top was worse than this.


So I hauled that sucker outside and gave it a good sanding. But try as I might, I couldn’t get all of the yellowed poly off. So I decided to slap on a coat of Zinsser 1-2-3 primer to hopefully prevent the leftover poly from causing any issues.

Once the primer was dry, I gave the plywood a light sanding with a sanding block, then removed all dust with a tack cloth. Now it was time for the spray paint.

I did 3 coats of a vanilla white color in total, basically the whole can. Did you know that your finger can start to *really* hurt from spray painting? Totally not fun.


A day later, I started applying thin coats of Minwax Polycrylic in a semi-gloss finish. I need this countertop to be durable since the laundry room is dust city and the cats eat on the countertop.


I still would like to get this countertop off of the washer/dryer and secure to the walls, but this is good enough for now. But a refreshed countertop is a good first step.

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Laundry Room Revamp

  1. It looks nice! Do you have one of the spray paint nozzles? They are a lifesaver. It keeps your finger from hurting and from getting paint all over your hand. A few bucks and highly recommending.

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