Favorite Things: EyeFi

One of my Christmas gifts this past year was a 4GB EyeFi SD card. This memory card is configured on my home’s wireless network. When I take pictures with my camera, the card automatically transfers them to my laptop {if it’s on} and to any number of configured online photo sites. This means no more hunting for a USB cable or going to the closet to retrieve my card reader from the camera bag.

eyefi photo destinations

As you’re snapping away, the card automatically starts transferring your photos. Once it’s done transferring any new photos, you can configure EyeFi to notify you via email, SMS, twitter, or facebook. Here you can see an email that was just sent to my gmail.


This is a tech gadget that I’m starting to wonder how I lived without. Do you have a piece of technology that helps make your life easier?


3 thoughts on “Favorite Things: EyeFi

  1. I was wondering what this was when I saw your tweet a while back. My gosh – amazing is what it is! I want one now. Do you think it’d be compatible with a Samsung computer?

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