A Little Elbow Grease

Do you have sheet pan problems? We do.


It seems that no matter how hard we try to keep our sheet pans clean, we inevitably get a layer of sticky brown gunk build up. Somehow even using aluminum foil ALL.THE.TIME doesn’t keep this nastiness from encroaching.


This happened to one of our pans recently and as I was attempting to scrub, scrub, scrub the gunk away, using regular soap and sponge and Bar Keeper’s Friend, Matt suggested trying steel wool. As luck would have it, we have some steel wool with cleaning solution built in {a buy product of my purchasing the wrong type of steel wool when trying to tackle my glass top stove}. So I pulled out a pad and got to work.

And would ya know it? The gunk started to come off!


I’m not going to lie, it took a LOT of elbow grease. But the almost-like-new pans are well worth 10-15 minutes of scrub-, rinse-, repeat-ing.

So then I thought that maybe the steel wool would work on a severely tarnished sliver plated bowl that I picked up an antique store a few years ago. I had tried cleaning it with a baking soda paste with no success. Using regular silver polish helped, but it was still severely tarnished. Then I used the steel wool, and ta-da! Not perfect, much much better!



Do you have a cleaning trick up your dish gloves?


2 thoughts on “A Little Elbow Grease

  1. I have those same problems. But um…I ignore them. Is that bad?

    And that bowl is lookin fiiiine. The only trick I have is to use a bleach/water mix for everything. I like when my house smells like a heavily chlorinated pool 🙂

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