Controlling the Paperwork

A few weeks ago I decided that I have had enough with our jam-packed drawer filled with user manuals and other documentation. Since we’ve been buying furniture, we really need to hold on to our receipts and document our purchases in case of any necessary insurance claim.

Here’s what we were working with:



You can see that I tried to control the chaos by using folders. I roughly had these categories: garage, kitchen, household, and electronics. Categorizing is a good thing, but since it was so messy to deal with, nothing ever got filed into the appropriate place.

So I got 2 1.5inch binders {hindsight, I need bigger binders} and 100 sheet protectors {I used just under half}. I started going through the papers, tossing what was not needed and sliding items into the sheet protectors. This was really a painless process.

Once everything was sleeved up, I put them in the binders. I need to get some divider tabs, but this is roughly how the binders are organized:

Binder 1, large appliances and house items

examples: washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, stove, ceiling fans, gas fireplace

Binder 2, small kitchen appliances, garage, furniture, electronics

examples: lawn mower, weed eater, garage door opener, tv’s, game systems, coffee pot


They’re back in the drawer for now, but the beauty of the binders is that I could easily store them elsewhere in the house with quite ease.


And now I just need to tackle the rest of the continual clutter on this side of the kitchen.



3 thoughts on “Controlling the Paperwork

  1. I love binders. I use one to organize all my crafts…but never thought it for this use. I use the file folder system soon. Will be switching soon. Thanks.

  2. Great idea! I’ve noticed that we don’t have a good system in place for tracking our valuables. Have you thought about putting it in a fire-proof safe (at least the receipts of the big items)? If you’re keeping it for insurance purposes that might be a good idea.

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