Catching Up

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t blogged in 5 months. Crazy! So what’s been going on.

We finally found lamps and some artwork for the master bedroom. Two pieces of art may or may not stay.

We bought an upright bass that I’ve been learning to play for bluegrass. (Oh hey, you can see 2 of the pieces of art that we hung in the background – these two are definitely staying)


We attended the Old Fiddler’s Convention for the 2nd year (3rd year for Matt). We stayed in a hotel this year and that was an awesome decision.

We pulled some monster zucchini from our garden (13 – 14 inches long!)


We attended Kristen’s absolutely *gorgeous* wedding. I can’t wait for her to post about all of the details that she put into this wedding. It really was amazing.

And we announced that we’re patiently awaiting the arrival of this little guy/gal at the end of March.

Baby Kesler

I’ve been keeping mostly weekly private blogs since we found out in July. But the gist of things so far is this.

Weeks 4-7: oh hey I feel awesome. Morning sickness, what’s that?

Weeks 7-10: constant nausea. And constantly avoiding Food Network or blog posts about food.

Weeks 10-12: things are starting to get a bit better.

Week 12-12.5: uggggh sick sick sick sick sick

Week 12.5 – 14 (currently 14weeks and 1 day): slowly getting better, especially after switching to a liquid breakfast at the suggestion of the nurse practitioner


So that’s what I’ve been up to over the past five months. Hopefully I’ll have more to blog about over the next 5 months.


5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. YAY!!! YAY!!! Congrats!! I’m sorry you are feeling so sick. I also got some massive zucchini. Kristen’s wedding sounds awesome- can’t wait to see how the all the details.

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