This Guy

Alton has been my big buddy for the past 2-3 weeks. Above, he’s snoozing on the sofa with me while I was watching tv. I had to snap this photo with my iPhone as evidence of his behavior. Usually Alton is a bit on the anti-social side, but lately he’s been hanging around more and more. I think he know’s that I’m knocked up.

Not only is he hanging out on the sofa, but he has also been sleeping on the bed more, which he had all but quit when Savannah came along. On more than one occasion I’ve woken up to find Alton sitting next to my pillow, staring at me. Can you say creeper?


But not only is he sleeping on the bed (which historically means sleeping next to our legs) but he’s curling up right next to my side. I woke up last night on my back (oops) with my arm around Alton who was curled up and filling up all of the space between my armpit and elbow. Highly unusual for this guy!


Hopefully this will all translate to Alton *not* trying to suffocate the baby when it gets here.


One thought on “This Guy

  1. My friend’s cats where all over her when she was preggo. Sleeping on top of her, following behind her etc. She did some research it turns out that somehow, hormones, scents, they know what’s ups. Oh and when the baby came, they were interested but no problems.

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