Let’s start at the very beginning…

When it comes to nursery planning, only one thing is set in stone. The nursery is going to be the room closest to the master bedroom. It’s at the top of the stairs, has no real current function aside from holding extra crap, and only has 1 small window. It’s also the smallest bedroom closet in the house, but I figure that a little baby can’t need but so much closet space.

So here are the before’s of the room in it’s crap filled state (excuse the iPhone photos, the battery on my real camera is recharging)

From the doorway:
Before :: Nursery

From the window:

Before :: Nursery

The door on the right of the above photo is the closet. It is the current home of the camping crap:

Before : Nursery Closet

Now the first photo shows some of the extra junk in the room. We were storing an extra bookcase, night stand, chest of drawers, and TV stand. These were all picked up and moved out by two lovely men from Salvation Army this afternoon:

Before : Nursery

So now we look more like this:

Before :: Nursery

Still to go is the desk and bed. The stuff on the bed will mostly be making its way to Goodwill soon. Did you know that Salvation Army turned down our desk? Isn’t that strange? But they did take our wheelbarrow and super huge and heavy Sony Trinitron tv.

We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re much closer to having this room cleared out. We’re 4 weeks (tomorrow) away from finding out if baby Kesler is a boy or girl, so that’s when most of the real planning will begin – although some things I’ve already decided – mainly:

  • Skipping the bedding set, will be getting bleach-able white sheets for the bed
  • Heavily leaning toward a cherry wood Jenny Lind crib
  • Will be using a dresser as a changing table
  • Some type of black-out curtains on the window — hence the bonus of there being only 1 small one in this room. I want to be able to make it super dark in there for naptimes
  • Replacing the hideous ceiling fan with something more tolerable
So I guess a decent handful of items have been decided (or at least thought out) but we’ll see what happens.

3 thoughts on “Let’s start at the very beginning…

  1. I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t take the desk! I should have tried calling it a “work table” or something. We will paint, but likely not for at least another month or so.

  2. That is weird that they wouldn’t take the desk! When we left stuff outside for Habitat for Humanity to pick up our neighbors stole most of it.. I am really interested in using a dresser as a changing table. It totally makes more sense but does the little pad slide around? Clearly I have no knowledge of baby things yet.. 😉

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