I made a startling discovery the other day. I can *see* the bottom of my belly button.

Not that my belly button was especially deep, but I’d never looked in a mirror and seen the bottom of my belly button looking back at me. Strangely enough, my belly button seems to be the same depth it has always been. I guess this is just further proof that I’ve got a person growing inside of me and I’m not just hitting the ice cream (with hot fudge and peanut butter sauce – yum) a little too hard.

Let’s all take a moment to say a prayer that my belly button remains an innie. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if it pops out. Put a bandaid on it? Duct tape? Outies kinda creep me out.

In other I’m-totally-growing-a-person/alien news, I’m 90% sure I got kicked the other night. I was laying in bed watching some tv before going to sleep and I thought I felt the kid rolling around in there. I put my hand where I felt the movement and after a few seconds I felt something poke/flick me. I think the best description is that it felt like I was being flicked from the inside.

After it happened twice I said something to Matt to see if he could feel it, but apparently we were done with kicks for the night. Hopefully it happens again soon when I’m around Matt so he can validate and I feel less like a crazy pregnant lady.


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