Week 18

I’m back this week with another baby update. We’re at 18 weeks now folks. Two more until the half-way mark!

18w1d -edit

  • How far along? 18 weeks
  • Total weight gain: approx. +6 lbs (this is based on my home scale, not the drs scale. and I feel like I ate *less* this week, so I dunno what’s going on here.)
  • Maternity clothes?  Yep, pants. But I *will* be buying some tops soon because I basically only have sweaters and cardigans that I can wear at this point
  • Sleep: Things have gotten a bit better over the past few nights when I started sleeping with two pillows instead of 1. It actually makes sleeping on my side much more comfortable.
  • Cravings: None really this week
  • Best moment this week: More movement and kicks
  • Movement: Yep  – see above
  • Gender:  2.5 weeks to go!
  • Belly Button in or out? In, but getting shallower
  • What I miss: Bourbon apple cider. Matt had some last night, totally jealous.
  • Milestones: Nothing really to report here
So things are trucking along quite well. I do think that I am looking more pregnant these days, so that’s good. It’s starting to get more difficult to bend over at the waist to pick things up and to sit up from laying down.

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