Initial Nursery Design Thoughts

Well, it’s been a week since we found out that Baby K is a she. We haven’t made any concrete design decisions yet for the nursery, but I thought I’d do a bit of a brain dump on what we’re thinking and the colors that I’m drawn towards.

First up, furniture. We’re 95% sure that we’ll be going with a white crib and dresser. Since we’re most likely going the white route, I’ve got my eye on a white Ikea dresser. My top two contenders so far are:

The Hemnes:

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest


The Birkeland:

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest


In both cases, we’re likely to switch up the hardware for more of a custom look.

When it comes to a crib, we’re basically at square 1 (or 2 I guess since we’re pretty sure we’re going white). We’ve seen some online that we like but then I saw some in person and got a totally different feel for them so I think we’ll just have to go check some out in person.

The next major element of the room is the color scheme. Blue is my favorite color so naturally I’d love to work that in somehow. I’ve been drawn to a lot of aqua colored walls on Pinterest, but I’m also thinking that a soft gray could work as well. Ideally, we’ll pick a color that can work in the room past it’s nursery days and on to acting as a guest room. I’m finding that I’m liking pink and orange hues in various fabrics, so the color scheme might end up being some combination of the following:


When it comes to fabric elements in the room, my mental project list is:

  • Curtains
  • Crib skirt
  • Changing table cover
  • Pillow for chair
  • Pouf instead of an ottoman?
  • Quilts/baby blankets
  • Hair bow board
  • Fabric cube for stuffed animal storage

Also under consideration for the room is a wall decal.

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten mentally on the room. Hopefully we can make some decisions soon so I have plenty of time to do some crafting and sewing.


5 thoughts on “Initial Nursery Design Thoughts

  1. I’m super psyched to see this come together! I love white furniture and those colors are fabulous. I esp. love the first one with the navy. I am just loving the contrast with the hot pink. Yay! Love this process!

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