Nursery: Color Palette

I’m going to start off with a disclaimer that since we have not yet bought paint nor painted the room, the paint color of the room is still open for change.

But I think we’ve got a winner.

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest


Martha Stewart : Sea Glass. Did you know that Home Depot is going to stop carrying the Martha Stewart line? Why do home improvement stores do this with all of the best paints? I loved using Ralph Lauren paint in our family room and am still sad that it’s not carried by Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Anyway, picking up a tester of the Sea Glass color happened on a whim and I was worried that the more green tone wouldn’t work with orange and pink accents. We ended up not liking the other two blue/aqua colors I had gotten sample pots of — they were too “baby boy”ish. I thought the Sea Glass looked ok with some pink and orange next to it, but imagine my surprise when I pulled up Pinterest and saw something I pinned 2 weeks ago:


The Sea Glass color is practically an exact match for “sea horse” in the swatches above. And paired with pink and orange hues!

Right now the plan is to paint during our Christmas vacation (the week before and after Christmas). As well as assemble the furniture. I’m excited to see things start to come together. And starting to get a bit concerned about the amount of things left to do and our dwindling time until Baby K’s arrival.


3 thoughts on “Nursery: Color Palette

  1. I like! But I’m super sad to hear HD is getting rid of MS paint! I wonder why? It is a big line and seemed to sell well. I love it (and have used it in most rooms of my house).

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