Nursery Progress: Part 2

So! I mentioned that I assembled Baby K’s Ikea furniture this weekend and I’m back with pictures. Let’s remind ourselves first about our starting point.

Random furniture dumping ground:
Before : Nursery

And now, freshly built Ikea furniture!

The dresser:

Side Table:


And bookcase:

I haven’t nailed on the back of the bookcase yet because I think I’m going to cover it with fabric or paper. The paint color that we’re going with is the one of the left in the photo above. It’s really hard to capture with the camera, so here’s the swatch as a reminder:

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest


So there we are. The major tasks of crib and glider shopping *may* be happening this weekend. Well, they better be happening. Because it’s going to be January before you know it and the first day of 2012 marks my first day of the 3rd (and final) trimester. Eek!


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