Nursery Progress: The First Craft

This week’s update is coming –  I haven’t taken a photo yet so that’s the hold up. Anyway, last night I tackled my first baby craft. I recovered an old memory board that I’ve had since college in some fun new fabric, giving it a fresh look for life in the nursery:

I removed the existing ribbon and buttons, stapled on the new fabric, hot glued the ribbon in place, and finally secured the buttons. After taking this photo I noticed that the ribbon on the right side is a bit off. I think I’ll be able to fix that part, but if I can’t it isn’t the end of the world.

I am totally in love with this fabric. I bought a yard of it at JoAnn and thankfully I still have about 2/3rds left! That means I’ll be able to use it some in a quilt that I’m planning to make for Baby K. I’ve washed all of the other fabrics and just need to start cutting my squares.

Here’s a look at all of the fabrics I bought the other day:

The leftmost fabric is actually a flannel that I’m going to use as the backing. The pink/gray wave fabric won’t be a part of the quilt. I also have some orange fabric in my stash that I think will work nicely. Hopefully it will all come together. I’m planning on really working on this over my Christmas vacation.


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