Nursery Progress: The Bookcase

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ve already seen this, but between helping Matt tape and other painting prep and cleanup — as well as cleaning for house guests, I managed to cover the bookcase backing with fabric and get it nailed into place.

Before adding the backing, the bookcase was on the wobbly side. I was hopeful that the back was necessary to add rigidity and thankfully that was the case.

We picked out a pink damask fabric from JoAnns. One yard was exactly enough.

Bookcase backing fabric

I used spray adhesive on the face of the backing to attach the fabric. Then I used tacky glue to secure the fabric on the back before nailing the backing onto the bookcase. I’m a fan of how it turned out. (excuse the bad iPhone photos)
Bookcase without shelves

Bookcase with shelves

I’m a big fan of how it turned out. I’ll get a picture of it in the room once the queen bed is out of the room. Our neighbors are taking it off of our hands — hopefully sometime this week!


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