Week 29

29w - edit

  • How far along? 29 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 15lbs. Which means I gained 5 pounds from weeks 24 till 28, but with the holidays thrown in there, I feel like that isn’t too bad. I ate far too many cookies.
  • Maternity clothes? Yep. Actually some of my tops are starting to get not quite long enough. Scary!
  • Sleep: Sleep is still ok. Reflux is making a comeback so I’m trying to sleep a bit more propped up than usual to help with that, but I know it could be much, much worse. And that 2 week vacation really spoiled me so waking up for work is taking a bit of an adjustment.
  • Cravings: Still nothing to really comment on here.
  • Best moment this week: Passing the Gestational Diabetes screen! No diet restrictions for this gal
  • Movement: Still super strong
  • Gender: Girl
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach
  • Milestones: Developing an iron deficiency. I believe this is pretty common and I’m not too surprised. My prenatal doesn’t have any iron in it, so now I’m on an iron supplement once a day. Thankfully the pill is small and coated so it’s not too difficult to swallow.

In other baby news, we attended the first half of our birth class. It was fairly informational but man was it slow paced! We have the 2nd half next Saturday and hopefully that will be better as it will be more about medications and interventions. We also hit up Pottery Barn Kids to look at gliders before their nursery seating sale ended. Well, they were also having a floor model sale so we ended up bringing a glider home with us! The slipcover is in a linen fabric which is more of an upgrade than we would have done if we had ordered it. We’ll get it dry cleaned this week and then I’m thinking about Scotch Guarding it for a little extra protection. Has anybody Scotch Guarded linen before?

Also our neighbors are taking the mattress off of our hands some time this week. And the crib should be in sometime in the next week as well. The room is really starting to come together and I’m looking forward to just having some decorating to do once all the major pieces are in place.


5 thoughts on “Week 29

  1. That chair is great. I Scotch Guard everything! Not sure if I’ve done linen before though. What does their website say? Maybe test on the bottom of the cushion?

  2. I’ve never Scotch Guarded anything so I’m a bit nervous. I’m definitely
    going to test it on the inside hemmed part of the slipcover skirt to make
    sure it doesn’t cause any problems. The Internet hasn’t been able to tell
    me definitively if it will work or not — hopefully it will!

  3. I’ve never Stoch Guarded either – reminds me of something Ryan’s mom would do. She’s obsessive about wrinkles and stains. I could ask her!

  4. I’m excited to see your nursery come together. Your glider looked awesome (on Twitter). Also, I love that shirt you have on. I have a long torso anyhow, so I’m really scared that the “long” pregnancy shirts won’t last me long. Yikes!

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