Baby K’s First Quilt

I purchased the fabric for this quilt awhile ago and had it washed and ready. I finally had time and motivation to work on it and I powered through and completed it in one weekend. I decided to just do strips of fabric instead of blocks to keep things on the simple side.

I added in two strips that were kind of patchworked together to add some variety, and because I needed a little bit more length. I like how they keep the quilt from just being two fabrics alternated the whole time. I kept the quilting super simple – just stitching “in the ditch” or where the rows met. The back is a white flannel with small pink dots. I used this Prudent Baby tutorial for a cheat on the binding. I find binding to be one of the most intimidating parts of quilts. This method worked good enough for me.

Enough chatting, here are some pictures:

IMG_4954.JPG edit
IMG_4953.JPG edit
IMG_4958.JPG edit

Savannah was a big help through the whole quilting process:
IMG_4957.JPG edit

In fact, she’s already tested it out on the back of the glider!

It’s far from perfect – I’m sure its not square, the binding is a bit off, my cuts were probably wrong, but it’s finished and it’s good enough for me!


2 thoughts on “Baby K’s First Quilt

  1. It looks great! I’ve made about a dozen baby blankets now, and they all have many many issues. But I learn each time and the next one doesn’t have the same problems (just different ones). I’ve also gotten more daring in my patterns over time. I also HATE binding, I’ve tried a few things and still can’t get it right. I find stitching “in the ditch” hard too, mostly because I can’t do anything straight.

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