Nursery Progress: Minor Updates

We’ve made a few purchases in the past few days that I thought I’d share.

I trolled the aisles of Target and found a lamp for the side table. First I bought it in the “small” size, which was just a bit too small. I picked up the “medium” version of the same lamp today and it’s a keeper. I was too lazy to use the real camera, so excuse the iPhone quality. Also, I have no idea why I didn’t take off the plastic from the lamp shade before taking these.

You might have spotted my little owl friend next to the lamp.

He’s a silicone rechargeable nightlight from Pottery Barn Kids. He changes colors and is pretty awesome. Unfortunately he’s not listed on the PBKids site anymore.

I also got sick of having the plastic still on the crib mattress so I grabbed a crib sheet from Target.

We finally decided on a tree decal and placed our order. We ordered this guy with a brown trunk and hot and soft pink accent colors.

Hopefully there will be more updates soon. We’ve got a curtain rod to get up for our hot pink gingham curtains and I have a plan to DIY an ottoman. And I’ll leave you with my view from the glider by lamp and orange Ikea light:


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