Baby DIY: Artwork

Like most good things, I saw a great idea on the Internet and decided to copy/tweak it to work for me. Joi posted about her Kate Spade inspired canvas (inspired by Pinterest, naturally).

I wanted to do something a bit different, so I painted a canvas I had on hand (11×14) with some orange acrylic paint. I bought some pink and silver scrapbook paper and punched out 2inch scalloped circles using a punch I already had. I decided on an arrangement then hot glued the circles to the canvas. Easy peasy.

For some reason I’ve had a horrible time getting a photo of this where the colors aren’t totally off. I think I might need to try taking a photo during daylight hours.

This photo best shows the shade of orange:

And the final product:

I plan on hanging this on this wall to the left in a sort of gallery arrangement, provided I can figure out what else I’m going to hang.

So far I’ve got the orange artwork, a ruffle wreath (apparently I haven’t blogged this yet!), a Sharon Montrose baby monkey print, and the Heather Mattoon Cats in Clothes print.


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