Nursery Progress: Fabric Projects

A few weeks ago, I ordered some fabric for the nursery. Originally I was sent the wrong color of one of the fabrics, but the mixup was quickly resolved and the fabric sat around for a solid week+.

This weekend, I finally got off of my lazy butt and put the fabric to good use. First up, Urban Zoology Owls in White/Orange.

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest

I absolutely love this fun fabric. I used it to recover my basic Target lampshade. I have plenty left over and I can’t wait to come up with other projects for it.

I used hot glue to affix the fabric to the existing shade. I made sure to take my time and I also used some clips to hold things in place while the glue dried.

Lamp shade

Next up was a crib skirt using this hot pink and white fabric.

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest

I made simple flat panels for each side and used double sided tape to secure them in place. I’ll eventually replace the tape with velcro, but I don’t have any on hand and didn’t feel like going to the store. Since we’re not using the crib yet (and changing the sheets), I’m not too concerned about the panels going anywhere. I’m a fan of how it looks.

Crib skirt

I used the same fabric to make a cover for the lumbar pillow on the gilder. I skipped the headache of putting in a zipper and make it envelope style.

Lumbar pillow

I have a good bit of this fabric left over so I might attempt a storage basket of some sort. It’s a mid-weight twill so I think it would be perfect for a basket of some sort.


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