Katie is almost two weeks old and today would have been 40 weeks, so here are some updates on how we’re doing.

  1. Katie has been a really good baby. She’s going 4 hrs between feedings at night which is awesome. During the day she goes about 2.5 hrs between feedings but tends to cluster feed in the evening. We basically feed her whenever she wants to eat.
  2. She has been sleeping in her crib since our 2nd night home. Having her in our room just wasn’t for us. The main reason we’re comfortable with her in the crib is because we have an AngelCare sound/video/movement monitor. It actually alarmed a few nights ago and we were in there super fast to find out that Katie had spit up. We aren’t sure if she really had stopped breathing or not, but better safe than sorry.
  3. Speaking of spit up, Katie spits up after almost every feeding, even if we keep her upright for 15-30 minutes after eating. I think today we’ll try more frequent burping during feeds.
  4. I’m very optimist that Katie will be back to her birthweight at her 2-week checkup on Tuesday
  5. Newborn size clothes and diapers are fitting perfectly right now. Thank goodness my mom bought Katie some newborn size items or we’d still be wearing the only 0-3 month sized clothes that fit: 3 Gerber long sleeve onesies.
  6. Katie tolerates tummy time for about five minutes at a time.
  7. She is showing a preference for bluegrass music, which is so cool because that’s what I listened to for most of my pregnancy.
  8. I need to take more pictures. She’s getting big so quickly!
  9. Most of the time I can’t believe that she was inside me for 9 months. It’s such a mind bender that this little person is the thing kicking me in my side.
  10. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the relative ease of my recovery from delivery. And especially happy with how my body is returning to “normal”
  11. I had a few days of having an unreal appetite. My stomach was happy to have some space again. And my aversions and reflux are gone!

Here we are hanging out with Savannah this morning:

Happy Sunday!


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