One Month

On 4/13, Katie turned one month old. She’ll be six weeks old on Tuesday and I’ve been meaning to write an update for awhile.

Katie is going anywhere from 2.5-4 hours between feedings during the day. She naps pretty well during the day but then all hell seemingly breaks loose in the evenings – we have a hard time getting her to sleep and she gets so tired and super cranky.

At night, Katie can go about 5-5.5 hours between feedings for the first stretch of the night, then about 3 hours after that. This means I’m generally getting up twice in the night. Ideally we’ll get to one wake up around 3am, then up for the day around 6.

Katie tolerates baths now and will stop fussing once we get her in the water. I take this as a sign that she enjoys bath time. I’d like to start a bedtime routine and include a nightly bath.

I’m pretty sure we hit a growth spurt at 4 weeks and I’m anticipating one coming up at 6 weeks. Katie is fitting pretty well into 0-3 month sized clothes after the growth spurt.

Katie enjoys looking at black and white books as is starting to notice the toys on her activity gym/mat. She also “talks” at us, mostly after diaper changes. We’re hoping that she’ll start smiling at us soon.

Katie is also a master at spitting up. She gets some bottles with formula and we’ve switched to one that is for spitting up, and it seems to be helping. Hopefully she’ll grow out of this soon so I don’t have to stay up as long with her at night after she eats.

This post has been anything but organized, but I’ll leave with a picture of Katie taken a few days after her 1 month birthday.


2 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Even her passie matches her room – she’s so stylish!

    I can’t believe she’s a month old – time is FLYING.

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