Katie Update – 8 Weeks

Katie turns 8 weeks old today!

IMG_5368.JPG edit

She turns 2 months on Sunday (Mother’s Day) but I’ll write an update now while I have time and the inclination. Katie is currently taking a nap in her newest bit of gear, the swing.


I picked up this bad boy (the Fisher Price Snug-A-Bunny) at our neighborhood yard sale this past weekend for $30. Talk about a steal! We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth.

Katie is getting so big. We stopped in at the pediatrician’s office last week to get weighed and she was 10lbs 11oz. She hadn’t been weighed in 5 weeks so it was nice to get an idea of how big she is. We go back next week for her 2 month appointment, complete with a round of vaccinations. She’s solidly in 0-3 month clothing and size 1 diapers, but her 0-3 month footed PJ’s are starting to get a bit snug. I need to start getting some 3-6 month sized items so we have things on hand once she reaches that point.


Katie started smiling the other week, but it’s tough to get a photo of it. It’s absolutely adorable though. She’s pretty alert after her naps and will usually “talk” to us or the toys hanging on her play mat. She also likes to talk during diaper changes (provided she isn’t crying for one reason or another). She recognizes our voices too. I wasn’t too sure about this since I’m always around her I’ve never really seen a reaction to her hearing my voice, but she and I video chatted with Matt last night since he’s traveling and Katie definitely had a reaction when she heard her daddy’s voice. It was too cute!

IMG_5390.JPG edit

Part of the outcome from last week’s stop at the doctor’s office was the diagnosis of reflux. I was suspicious that Katie might have a reflux issue but seeing as this is my first kid, I didn’t really know how much spitting up is normal. Aside from spitting up (regardless of being upright), she was also spitting up hours after eating. And when laying on her back, she would twist and turn which the doctor saw and thought that Katie was trying to get comfortable. Add in some back-arching while eating and we came home with a prescription for Zantac.

That first night of giving her the medicine, Katie slept through the night. She cried in her sleep a few times and I went in around 5am and held her, but she never actually woke up. This phenomenon hasn’t been repeated since, but I’m optimistic that we’re close to it happening again.

Since she’s been on the medicine, she still spits up but it’s probably a more “normal” amount. She seems happier and seems to be sleeping better. We can put her back down in the crib right after she finishes a middle of the night feeding, reducing the amount of time that we’re up with her from ~1 hour to ~30 minutes. That’s valuable sleep time!

We read Babywise and I’ve been working through Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. Katie is on a 4-hour schedule (per our pediatrician) since we’ve moved to formula and in preparation for my return to work. I’m optimistic that she’ll be consistently sleeping through the night by the time I go back to work in June.



One thought on “Katie Update – 8 Weeks

  1. OMG – she’s getting so big! I love that she’s smiling now, those pictures are adorable. And that swing – AWESOME. I wish they made one in big people size. I want to come visit soon and see Katie again!!

    ps. happy mothers day!!

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