Two Months

Ohhh Katie bug, you’re two months old already. We had a little photo shoot the day after you turned two months and you are quite adorable when you’re in a good mood.


We are still dealing with reflux. We upped the Zantac dosage which is helping, but Katie still shows signs of obvious discomfort and fussing through at least one bottle a day so the doctor has us trying Prevacid. Hopefully this will be the answer!

On the bright side, we have had a handful of nights where Katie has “slept through the night”. I know I’ve just jinxed ourselves. I’m pretty sure that our success is directly related to having Katie sleep in the Fisher Price Rock and Play which is a nice incline and keeps the reflux at bay. I can’t wait until we get this reflux under control so we can have a happy baby more often!


Katie is smiling like crazy but it’s tough to get a photo of it. She’s also getting really good at holding her head up and working those neck muscles.

I go back to work in one month and I can’t say that I’m excited about it. I think it took awhile for Katie and me to really bond and I didn’t really realize that we had until I was away from her for 6 hours for a ladies night. It was the longest stretch that I had been away from her and it was tough! Matt has started traveling 3 days/2 nights a week and while part of me is jealous because he gets a break and gets solid sleep, the other part of me doesn’t know how he can make it that long without seeing her beautiful smiling face. Thank goodness for FaceTime!

I can’t wait to see what this next month brings us!


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