12 Weeks

Boy oh boy. Katie is 12 weeks old today. She starts daycare on Monday and I go back to work a week from tomorrow when Katie turns 3 months. Wow. I’ll probably get to do a 3 month post, but I’m going to brain dump anyway.

The smiles keep on rolling and she has been talking more and more. I have a feeling that once she starts talking for real, we won’t be able to get the girl to be quiet. We’ve had a mix of good and bad days over the past few weeks, mainly related to reflux. The Prevacid has helped, and now we’re on a combination of Prevacid and Zantac that seems to be working well. We also switched to the super expensive formula, Alimentum, in the super expensive ready-to-feed liquid. But this switch has helped tremendously with Katie’s gas and her temperament. Totally worth the price tag.

Katie continues to sleep decent at night provided that she’s at an incline. She sleeps best in the Rock & Play, but we’ve elevated her crib and are attempting to have her sleep in there. I’ve realized that Katie does not really need the middle of the night feeding, so that has stopped pretty much completely. We’ve been offering 22oz/day and have recently upped it to offer 24oz/day. It’s kind of tough to know how much she *really* needs because she will continue to eat in order to soothe her throat from the reflux. So while she might cry after a bottle is empty, she doesn’t act hungry once she gets over the fact that she’s no longer eating.

Katie keeps working on her neck muscles and I think she’s trying to sit up. Whenever we recline her on our legs, she isn’t content to just sit there. Most of the time she’s holding her head forward as if to do a baby sit-up. She’s also pretty good at holding her head up despite the lack of daily tummy time. Because of her reflux, she usually spits up a good bit when on her tummy so I’m reluctant( or just lazy) to do it too much. That said, I’ve started carrying her around facing my shoulder more and more and that promotes her working out that muscle group. She’s starting to master the “baby push-up”.


Matt continues to travel for work which has been really tough on me for the past month. Thankfully he will be home ALL WEEK next week for my return to work. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself having all of that help with dinner and bedtime each day! Hopefully by the end of June he’ll be traveling only every other week, which will be a welcome change. Basically being a single parent for 3 days and 2 nights every.single.week is exhausting and lonely. It’s one of the reasons that I’m almost looking forward to going back to work.

I’m pretty sure Katie went through some sort of growth/developmental spurt a few days ago. She was super cranky/clingy for a few days and now she can stay awake and alert for much longer time spans without getting cranky or showing drowsy signs.

Sorry for the monster post. I should be able to post more frequently once I’m back at work since I’ll have this novel thing called a “lunch break” again.


3 thoughts on “12 Weeks

  1. baby push up – that cracks me up! I can’t master a push up and I’m 28.

    I can’t believe how much she’s grown. And glad to see that the formula is helping with her fussyness.

    miss you guys. We’ll be getting to Richmond sometime in July I’m sure…will keep you posted.

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