4 Months/ 18 Weeks

How is my child getting so big?

Here’s a brain dump of what has been going on lately:

  • Baby’s first ear infection! Last week Katie started acting fussy, but she wasn’t running a fever. I took her to the doctor last Wednesday and started her on antibiotics that night. We had to do some doses of baby Tylenol to help with the ear pain – girl could not take a decent nap! Finally on Sunday she was back to acting normal and happy. Hopefully this ear infection will clear up completely and we won’t start a cycle of infections.
  • She was weighed when we were at the doctor’s office. 13lbs 3oz. Still a pound shy from doubling her birth weight. We go back at the end of the month for her 4-month well baby visit. We’ll discuss solid foods at that time (I’m in no rush and I don’t think she’s ready yet)
  • We’ve got Katie back in the crib (she had been in the Rock’n’Play). She’s been sleeping decently though she’s decided that some nights she needs to eat around 3am. And at various times throughout the night we’ve been going in and doing pacifier replacements when she fusses.
  • We’re starting to work on dropping the swaddle. Last night we did legs-out and that went alright. At points during the night she had freed her arms and stayed asleep just fine. She actually slept better last night than she had been – maybe she’s ready to drop the swaddle and is happy that we’re finally getting with the program.
  • She has started doing this thing that I’ve been calling “the leg drop” when settling down at bedtime and in the middle of the night. Basically, she raises her legs and then slams them agains the crib mattress. One night last week I heard the thumping all the way downstairs.
  • Bedtime is 6-7ish, usually depending on how she has (or has not) napped that day.
  • Katie tries to sit up so hard. She’s also trying really hard to talk and get some consonant sounds out. She makes this grunt-like noise when she concentrates and tries to spit something out. She does most of her talking on the changing table. She also enjoys it when you sing the ABC’s to her. She’ll stare at you (and your mouth) to try to figure out how to make the same sounds.
  • We’ve just cut out her mid-day Zantac dose and we’re reducing her Prevacid from 1.25ml 2x/day to 1ml 2x/day. I’m not under any impression that we’ll be able to stop the Prevacid quite yet, but hopefully going back down to 1ml will still be effective. She was previously on this dose but we bumped it up after 2 weeks.
  • Katie had been doing 3hours between bottles, but then yesterday she went and did 4 hours. She usually drinks 26-32 ounces/day (mainly dependent on if she demands a 4oz bottle at 3am).
  • Katie likes playing in the exersaucer at daycare and I’m contemplating getting one for home (or a jumper). She really likes to be upright so she can look around at what’s going on.
  • She loves to munch on her fingers. And she’s started chewing on Sophie the Giraffe. I really hope we get a break between this ear infection and the start of teething.

Hopefully I’ll remember to take her 4month photo before she’s closer to 5months than 4, like what happened with the 3 month photo. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!




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