Babies just keep changing, don’t they. The swaddle has been dropped with no real ill effects. And just in time, too, since Friday morning Matt saw Katie roll over from back to tummy on the video monitor. I was hopeful that this would be a crib-only thing and not a now-I-roll-all-of-the-time thing, but no such luck. Apparently she rolled all day on Friday at daycare (and refused to nap). When we got home on Friday, as soon as I put her down on her back, she rolled onto her tummy. She just can’t help herself!

So next up, adventures in rolling over in her sleep and sleeping on her tummy. Any advice?


Not the best video, but I took this on my iPhone after work on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Rolling

  1. The first time he rolled over and slept on his tummy I freaked out. But what are you going to do…wake them up? Honestly he slept so much better on his tummy and since he put himself there I decided not to worry about it. Yeah for milestones!

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