To Remember

There are some things about Katie that I want to be sure that I remember. So here’s a list of the little things.

  • the way she immediately clasps her hands together when he really wants the bottle or paci and it finally is in her mouth
  • how I love her so much that if I really think about it, it makes me tear up
  • how she smiles really big when I pick her up from daycare. Even if she’s fussy
  • how her eyes got super huge the first time that she really paid attention to her baby einstein music toy
  • the shocked look on her face the first time she rolled from her belly to her back
  • how bath time can bring a smile to her face, even when grumpy
  • how sometimes when she’s tired but fighting a nap, she’ll just look at you and smile
  • how sometimes I can’t believe that she really is here, our daughter

2 thoughts on “To Remember

  1. Leigh, I love this post. What a great way to remember all those sweet little moments. I’m sure Katie will love to re-read this as she gets older.

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