(Baby) Things I like : 0-3 Months

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile. I love it when other people post about baby stuff that they use and love (or hate) so I figured I’d throw my opinion out there too.

  1. Pack’n’Play: We got the Chicco version of this. We honestly haven’t used it that much. We had it set up for the first 8-10 weeks (maybe?) in our family room. It was mainly used for diaper changes. Since Katie has reflux and we didn’t get diagnosed until just before 2 months, she didn’t spend much time napping in there (or letting me just put her down for a few minutes). I think we’ll still get some decent use out of this in the future, though, as a travel crib and playpen. You know I totally plan on buying balls to turn it into a ball pit.
    In the pack’n’play at 4 days(!!) old. Before the spit-up began.
  2. Rock’n’Play: This turned out to be a lifesaver with the reflux. Once Matt started traveling, I had Katie sleeping in this in our room so we both got some extra sleep.
  3. Video/Audio/Motion Monitor: This is the main reason that we were OK with having Katie in her room starting on night #2 at home. I especially like the motion sensor now that she has decided to sleep on her tummy some.
  4. Lamaze Toys (Jacques and Freddie): These are probably Katie’s favorite toys in this age range.
  5. Burp cloths: Katie has reflux. This is pretty much self explanatory. Burp cloths required.
    And omg she’s not even a month old here. What happened to my itsy-bitsy baby?!
    Snoozing with a burp cloth on an especially spitty morning
  6. Swaddles: Specifically, the SwaddleMe blankets. I got a Halo SleepSack with the swaddle type and we were not a fan. We swaddled some with the Aden&Anais and Carter’s blankets but we liked the SwaddleMe’s for nighttime so there was less concern about blankets becoming loose in the crib.
    In the SwaddleMe. 2.5 weeks old.
    IMG_5186 edit
  7. Swing: As I mentioned, we got the SnugABunny swing at a neighborhood yard sale. I wish we had gotten one earlier since the slight incline in the seat (even when reclined all the way back) was perfect for our reflux baby. We are still using it now at 4+months, mainly with the seat more upright for some playtime.
    A swing nap, just shy of 2 months old:
  8. Wubanubs: Katie has the kitty (that we call Tiger) and frog. I love using these in the car so that I can easily reach back and put the paci back in Katie’s mouth (while at stop lights of course). You can see Frog above.

    Katie and Tiger at just over 2 weeks. Our first trip to Babies’r’Us.


4 thoughts on “(Baby) Things I like : 0-3 Months

  1. I love these posts. So happy you shared. (oh,how my taste in log postings have changed. ;)) I’ve never heard of the Wubanub, but I think I need one. Does it just make it easier to find when she drops it? Does it make it heavier?

  2. I love these posts too and I don’t even have kids yet! I will have to come back and refer to them when I’m ready to have a baby. Thanks for sharing!

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