Dear Katie

Dear Katie,

Today (Labor Day) we took our first trip to KidMed, an after hours pediatric walk-in clinic. You had a big case of the fussies all weekend and we thought you might have an ear infection, your third in less than 2 months. You did.

We weren’t sure if you had one or not, though. You were a happy, super smiles baby for about an hour after waking up. Lots of smiles, talking, and practicing your sitting skills. But then you would start to fuss and get more and more upset. And then you’d only sleep for 30 minutes. And then you’d fuss a bit during your next bottle.

But you really were a champ about it all. You had a great time with Grammy and PawPaw this weekend and you rode really well in the car. You loved all of the doggies at Grammy’s house and I think you’re excited that our doggy came home with us. Zeus has been there on doggy vacation since July.

I hope that this round of antibiotics makes you feel better really quickly. And I hope that we can find a way to keep you from getting ear infections every few weeks.

I have got to figure out a way to keep you from growing up so quickly. It blows my mind that you’ll be six months old in just over a week!

And a Classic Katie pose:


Post coming soon on 6 month updates and maybe I’ll do another stuff-I-liked for month 3-6.


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