(Baby) Things I Like : 4-6 Months

I had grand plans of working on this post over three-ish months so that I wouldn’t forget things that I loved during this age range. I started the post but didn’t touch it again until I wrote Katie’s 6 month post. Oh well! So I’ll round out this post by looking back through my Amazon order history. Sigh… Amazon – you make the world go ’round.

As we entered Month 4 a new set of baby gear became more essential.

  • The bouncer. We used this in the 0-3 month period but now it gets used every work-morning for Katie to hang out and play with Jacques (the peacock) while we shower. It pretty exclusively stays in our bathroom because of this. I like the bouncer itself but I wish it had a better toy bar. We use some links to hook Jacques on, but he will slide down to the side since there are no loops to hook to (we just kind of put a link half-way on the toy bar). Katie started to sit up so the bouncer has been retired just before we hit 6 months.
    (itty-bitty baby Katie! 2 weeks old!)
  • Sophie the Giraffe. Katie started gnawing on Sophie during month 4 – mainly her hooves. During month 6 Katie moved on to gnawing on Sophie’s face and ears.
  • Exersaucer. Katie started out playing in the exersaucer at daycare, then a coworker graciously gave us their ‘saucer. Katie loves that it lets her be upright.  We can get anywhere from 2-20 minutes at a time from it.
  • Sleep sacks. Since we ditched the swaddle during month 4 we started using sleep sacks to help keep Katie warm enough at night.
  • Baby Einstein Take-Along-Tunes. It was during month 4 that Katie started really paying attention to and enjoying this toy. Now in the mornings when she’s fussy because — heaven forbid — she has to be strapped in to the car seat, we can turn this toy on and she’s mesmerized.
  • Fisher-Price booster seat. We started solid foods in this block, and broke out the booster chair that we received at my shower. I picked up some spoons (Nuk & Munchkin) and some “Take & Toss” bowls. I’ve been doing a mix of store bought and homemade purees. Katie has reacted to some foods, so I find it easiest to try out new foods from the store before I go through the process of making it myself.

I already have a feeling that my 6-9 month Things I Like post will have more *stuff* in it (as my Amazon history will tell you – yikes!)


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