Finally Finished :: Nursery Art Edition


Before Katie was born I started working on a monogram craft for her room. C-M-K. I fully completed the C before Katie arrived. The M was finished but sat downstairs in our family room waiting for the last step (cutting the excess yarn). The K was never started.

Let’s fast forward to Tuesday night when I finally got it done. I used my Silhouette to cut out the C M and K in the Lobster font to fit on an 8.5×11. Then I used floral straight pins with pearl heads to outline the letters on foam core board. After the letters were outlined, I wrapped each letter with yarn.

This was a $0 project for me since I already had all of the supplies. And it really was not labor intensive. I completed the K in about 30 minutes Tuesday night. Enough talking, here’s what I’m talking about.


Right now they’re hanging out in Katie’s bookcase. Originally I was going to hang these over the bookcase, but now her Animal ABC print is (finally) hung up there.


The ‘C’ is my favorite.

Also, I finally got around to hanging the ruffle(ish) wreath I made *ages* ago. It had been been sitting on top of the bookcase but I finally got it up on the closet door.

Katie loves looking at the artwork in her room, and grabbing at it. Unfortunately the wreath is not quite sturdy enough to stand up to Katie’s man(child?)-handling.

I’m finally starting to feel like I have time to take on new projects. It’s definitely a good feeling after almost 7 months of feeling like my head is barely attached to my body. (although at least once a week I nearly forget my keys when dropping Katie off at daycare).

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