Made It :: Pacifier Clip

Now that I’m finally back in the “doing things” camp, I spent a few minutes Friday night (things are wild over here, folks) sewing a pacifier clip for Katie. I already posted a picture of it over on Instragram.

This was suuuuper easy and I have plans of making many, many more. I used this tutorial from See Kate Sew for mine, but I think I’ll use this tutorial from The Crafty Cupboard for my future clips – the second one doesn’t require turning the fabric which is a bit of a pain on something so small.

Here’s the finished product – I can’t wait to make more:

And in use this morning on our way to daycare:

I want to make at least 2 more – one for the stroller and one for the Beco baby carrier. And probably a few more, really… these take about 30 minutes max to make (mostly just fabric cutting time).


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