Catherine :: 7 Months

Katie turned 7 months on Saturday and we celebrated with a day trip to go apple picking. Katie played in her car seat on the way to the orchard and loved looking out of the window at the trees as we drove up the mountain.


When we got there, I strapped her into the Beco after a bottle and she hung out while we ate lunch. It was roughly naptime when we started actually picking apples and Katie snoozed right through all of the fun.

She woke up before we left and was happy to hang out with her cousin Adi and her dog cousin Quincy.

Katie really loves “petting” animals right now. She will grab at the cats and Zeus and try to put her mouth on them. She usually comes away with fistfuls of fur. She’s a real pro at sitting now. She’s really contemplating getting more mobile. She can rotate around on her belly and occasionally she’ll get up on all fours. When she does get up on all fours, she typically moves backwards. Vocally, she seems to be all about screeching/squealing/yelling. In the (night) sleep department, she has been a rockstar over the past two weeks. She actually had a week where she barely napped at daycare and that’s when her awesome nighttime sleep began. I pretty much keep waiting for her to stop sleeping so well and I’m cherishing the extra, uninterrupted sleep while I can. Mainly because we’re pretty sure Katie is working on her first tooth and everything that I’ve read about teething says that they sleep really poorly while it’s coming in.

We’re also now taking baths without the insert in the baby bathtub. Katie sits on a hand towel to make her feel more secure about the whole thing and I got some bath toys to keep her entertained. She went through a week-ish period of crying when we put her in the tub, but I think we’re over that now, thankfully.

On Saturday I tried out the hip carry in the Beco and I was a *huge* fan. I think Katie was, too.


In the picture on the left, Alton is excited because he thinks I’m going to turn the faucet on for him. In the picture on the right, Katie is excited because she thinks she’s going to get to put the faucet in her mouth. Crazy how similar babies and cats are, huh?

Anyway, the best thing about the hip carry is that Katie can still look around as if I was just holding her but I don’t have to *actually* hold her! Which is awesome, because at 17 pounds, girl is getting heavy!

On our car ride home on Saturday, Katie got lonely and fussy so I climbed in the backseat with her. Here she is gnawing on her new teether.


So far at 7 months, Katie is just a bundle of fun. I’m really excited for the upcoming holidays and crossing my fingers that we can make it through days like Thanksgiving by getting some naps in the Beco while at relatives’ homes.

The one thing that I do know is that this next month is sure to fly by as quickly as the past month. Heck, March will be here before we know it and our little girl won’t be a baby anymore.


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