Made It :: Beco Stuff Sack (& a Paci Clip Update)

Since I got our Beco Gemini baby carrier, I knew I wanted some sort of bag to keep it in. The whole thing can get a bit unruly when just tossed in the back of the SUV or on the kitchen table, so I used fabric I had on hand, a toggle barrel and some cording to create a bag.

I was heavily/extremely inspired by the baby carrier stuff sacks sold on Etsy by Red Charlotte. If I hadn’t just dropped some major cash on the baby carrier itself, then I probably would have just purchased a sack from Red Charlotte.

Anyway, this bag was super simple. My finished product is about 24inches tall and 6 inches in diameter. It’s definitely taller than it needed to be to fit the Beco, but this way I could toss a few other small things in the bag if necessary. I added a handle on the bottom which has proved handy for pulling the Beco out of the bag and I can use the excess cording as a strap to carry the whole thing with.

Now here are some super bad iPhone photos of it, with the Beco inside. I used the owl fabric that I had on hand from Katie’s room.


And the bottom… (why am I holding my keys?!)

I had that orange dot fabric left over from a few years ago.

Moving on…. I made more pacifier clips using the tutorial that I mentioned in my previous post. And boy, was it super super easy. I made 6 in not very long at all. I used scraps that I had and did a few different lengths.


I’ve found that these are good as toy leashes as well, though the ribbon loops can be kind of tight depending on the toy. If you make one that you want to double as a pacifier AND toy leash, use 7-8inches of ribbon instead of 6. The orange one is longer on purpose and is for use with the Beco. One of the black ones is currently living with the stroller and the other is on Katie’s new teether thing.

I also knew I wanted a Sophie leash. I made this one a bit longer and used snaps instead of ribbon. I actually did two snap positions so this will work for other toys, not just Sophie. Why, here’s Sophie now!


You can’t really tell, but it’s snapped around Sophie’s neck on the snap to the right. The smaller snap length is great for other toys, like Katie’s twisty teether thing. I determined the snap placement by wrapping the fabric around Sophie’s neck and guestimating.

Both of these projects were *super* easy. I might make another bag just for Katie toys and I’m sure more pacifier clips/toy leases are in my future.


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