Mama & Dada

We had an exciting weekend – Katie said Mama and Dada for the first time!

It happened on Saturday while we were hanging out around the house. She only said “Dada” once but has really been working the “M” sound since her first “Mama”. I really don’t think that she is saying “Mama” and meaning me, but hopefully we’ll get there 🙂

Katie is also working on crawling. She gets upon her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. Sometimes she’ll fall forwards and make some progress. She’ll also try to pull up on you and crawl into your lap. This concerns me that she’ll start crawling and pulling up to stand at the same time. I’m ready to ditch our coffee table for a leather ottoman… asap.

Katie has dealt with the time change like a total champ. However she is still refusing to nap at daycare. I think she gets too distracted. Or maybe its a potential of 3 teeth coming in? We think she definitely has an upper tooth working its way in and maybe two lowers.

This is my iPhone background.

This is Katie before going to daycare on Halloween. Girl can NOT keep a pair of socks on, so I hike them up.

Katie went “trick-or-treat”ing with her neighbor buddy Ryan.

Katie thinks I’m crazy for trying to get her on video saying “Mama”

Katie is getting baptized this coming Sunday, which happens to be the day after our 5 year wedding anniversary. Time sure flies!


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