Big Week

It’s a big week here. It’s my last week of work for the year, tonight is the first night that somebody will put Katie to bed without us at home, we have our company Christmas party, and Katie will turn 9 months old.

So like I said, a big week.

I busted out the big camera this weekend while Katie was scooting around by the Christmas tree (which we FINALLY decorated).


We’re working on some crawling here. Katie has officially mastered the ability to go from belly to sitting, but she just doesn’t seem very into the whole crawling thing. She can do it, but usually she’ll move about an inch or two and then just decide to sit instead. Really she would rather walk.


We also love checking out the edges of rugs.


We point out the tree to Katie a lot and she has been trying to say “tree”.


A 9 month update is coming, but probably not until after we have our 9 month check up next week.


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