Baby Data :: moving On

I’ve been using the app Baby Connect to track Katie since we came. Home from the hospital. Which means that I can tell you how much sleep she gets on average, how many gallons of formula she has consumed, and how many diapers she has dirtied. (14hrs of sleep per day, 50+ gallons of formula and 93.5 hours of nursing, 1700+ diapers).


But as Katie is nearing her 9 month “birthday”, I find myself less concerned about inputting her daily daycare report or recording every diaper change.

The app has been really helpful to keep all of her data and stats in one place and I’ll likely continue to use it for medication tracking and height/weight tracking, but I think at 9 months old I’m ready to relax about some of the nitty gritty details.

This app really is awesome though and I highly recommend it to anybody who needs a baby tracking app/utility.


One thought on “Baby Data :: moving On

  1. We uses this app and loved it. Once Henry was consistently sleeping through the night an eating the same amount, I stopped using it. Around 4-5 months? But it’s definitely handy. I also really liked it for pumping to make sure I was staying ahead.

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