Last night when I was putting Katie to bed, I was running through a long list of things that I needed to do that night.

  • Wash the bottles
  • Prep her daycare bag
  • Don’t forgot to send in a can of backup formula!
  • Clean up from dinner – Cheerios and chicken all over the floor
  • Put away Katie’s toys

As the list got longer and Katie became more restless with the bottle (add “sterilize level 3 bottle nipples” to that list) and started hitting me with her kitty wubbanub, I grew frustrated.

But then she finished her bottle and with the pacifier in her mouth she snuggled up in my arms and was fast asleep. I try to remind myself to put down the iPhone- blogs, twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can, and should, all wait.

Because the truth is that Katie will be 10 months old on Sunday and she is already seeming more and more like a toddler and less like a baby. Just that night she stood for about 5 seconds in her own. And sooner than I know (and probably realize), she won’t tolerate me rocking her before bed.

Morning bottle cuddles


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