Catherine :: 10 Months

Wow. Katie is 10 months old. How has this happened.?Only two short months until Katie is ONE. Unbelievable!

Morning bottle cuddles

We had some big changes to close out Katie’s last week of month 10. She moved up a room at daycare and is doing great! She’s napping much better; an hour and a half on average this week. This is amazing considering that she was taking two 30-minute naps in her old room. Definitely and improvement. At night, she’s sleeping 12-13hrs. She has a tendency to doze in the mornings which is super nice on the weekends. And during the week it means time to shower before going to her. Which is crucial because girlfriend is all over the place crawling now.

Just cruising the floor

Her favorite thing to do is to stand and she’s gotten really adept at pulling up. She’s experimenting more and more with standing unassisted and has gone as long as 5 seconds without holding on.

Katie is on table foods now and doing pretty well with it. At daycare she gets 2 meals and 1-2 snacks each day. She’s doing about 4 8-oz bottles per day. This weekend instead of a 4th bottle we’ve been doing some formula in a cup instead. We will probably work on switching her midday bottle to a cup to help prepare her for ditching the bottle after 12mo.

Dinner time. Cheerios, blueberries, and chicken #latergram

She still only has her bottom two teeth. Who knows when those top guys will come in.

I can’t wait to see what changes Month 11 has in store for us!


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