Catherine :: 11 Months

Well, here we are again. Another month down, another month closer to ONE YEAR.

Deep breath.

Okay so Katie is pretty awesome lately. She sleeps pretty well, sometimes waking once or twice but usually she goes back to sleep pretty quickly. This past month saw another ear infection and the start of the final descent of her top two front teeth. She weighs about 20lbs, we’re switching to size 4 diapers during the day, 5s at night.

She’s in a strange place bottle wise, though. Sometimes she won’t eat her bedtime bottle, sometimes she will skip her afternoon bottle, sometimes she’ll need a half bottle at daycare to make it through the afternoon.

Katie is a serious cruiser now. She makes laps around the family room and has gotten pretty efficient. Still no walking or first steps. She can stand pretty efficiently but she would rather get down and crawl. Heaven forbid she has to stop for a moment to balance! That said, if she is in a situation where she’s observing a lot (like at the playground) then she totally can just stand there… not realizing that you’ve broken her grip.

I think Katie might be trying to talk but you know, at this point it’s kind of hard to tell if she’s babbling or trying to say real words. But, the words she’s trying to say consist of : Dada(this one is for real though. She’s got dada down), and ki ca (kitty cat). Sometimes she says “ba” at times that could mean ball or bottle, so who knows.

Katie’s comprehension is definitely growing, though. If she starts to crawl away, we can say “Katie, where’s Scout? Katie hug Scout?” And she’ll come back into the room and crawl to Scout and “hug” him. Same with her Mr Bear – it’s the cutest! And it kind of blows my mind that she can comprehend. Not that Im saying that she’s a genius, but it’s pretty crazy to watch this evolution.

I really can’t believe that in just a few weeks Katie will be a year old. We’re not planning on a big party, just immediate family. Honestly, I don’t have the energy for a big party! And I’d rather save that money!

Let the countdown begin…
3 weeks until the big day!


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