52 weeks. 364 days.

I’m going to post this because, hey why not? It doesn’t make sense and the general theme is that while I didn’t cry when I gave birth to Katie that short year ago, I find myself tearing up A LOT while reflecting on the experience and our first year as parents to this wonderful child of ours.

Can somebody please explain to me how it is physically possible that exactly 52 weeks ago I gave birth to this wonderful child? And how is it that one year ago I took my last picture of my pregnant belly and had my last prenatal doctors appointment?

Of course, at the time I didn’t know these were the lasts of being pregnant. And I think that’s what makes the one year mark such a milestone. I’ve reflected a lot on what I was doing one year ago on these days leading up to Katie’s first birthday.

Now, I’m not one of those people who “can’t imagine my life without ” or anything. I absolutely can remember my pre-Katie days, filled with uninterrupted sleep and lazy weekends. Not having to wash bottles and prep daycare bags every night. But I am so glad that Katie is here with us and so happy to be a little family of three.

I know that tomorrow I will have lots of thoughts about March 13, 2012 and what I was doing that morning and early afternoon. I know at 4pm I’ll think about how the doctor had just broken my water and I was waiting for Matt to get back to the hospital.

Anyway, this post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. We’ll celebrate tomorrow by taking Katie to breakfast before daycare and work. I’m going to take in some cupcakes for her and her daycare buddies to enjoy and then we’ll celebrate on Saturday with Katie’s grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousin.

12 month post on Katie to come, because I know I never want to forget what Katie was like at this age.


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