Finally Finished :: Nursery Art Edition


Before Katie was born I started working on a monogram craft for her room. C-M-K. I fully completed the C before Katie arrived. The M was finished but sat downstairs in our family room waiting for the last step (cutting the excess yarn). The K was never started.

Let’s fast forward to Tuesday night when I finally got it done. I used my Silhouette to cut out the C M and K in the Lobster font to fit on an 8.5×11. Then I used floral straight pins with pearl heads to outline the letters on foam core board. After the letters were outlined, I wrapped each letter with yarn.

This was a $0 project for me since I already had all of the supplies. And it really was not labor intensive. I completed the K in about 30 minutes Tuesday night. Enough talking, here’s what I’m talking about.


Right now they’re hanging out in Katie’s bookcase. Originally I was going to hang these over the bookcase, but now her Animal ABC print is (finally) hung up there.


The ‘C’ is my favorite.

Also, I finally got around to hanging the ruffle(ish) wreath I made *ages* ago. It had been been sitting on top of the bookcase but I finally got it up on the closet door.

Katie loves looking at the artwork in her room, and grabbing at it. Unfortunately the wreath is not quite sturdy enough to stand up to Katie’s man(child?)-handling.

I’m finally starting to feel like I have time to take on new projects. It’s definitely a good feeling after almost 7 months of feeling like my head is barely attached to my body. (although at least once a week I nearly forget my keys when dropping Katie off at daycare).


Nursery Progress: Fabric Projects

A few weeks ago, I ordered some fabric for the nursery. Originally I was sent the wrong color of one of the fabrics, but the mixup was quickly resolved and the fabric sat around for a solid week+.

This weekend, I finally got off of my lazy butt and put the fabric to good use. First up, Urban Zoology Owls in White/Orange.

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest

I absolutely love this fun fabric. I used it to recover my basic Target lampshade. I have plenty left over and I can’t wait to come up with other projects for it.

I used hot glue to affix the fabric to the existing shade. I made sure to take my time and I also used some clips to hold things in place while the glue dried.

Lamp shade

Next up was a crib skirt using this hot pink and white fabric.

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest

I made simple flat panels for each side and used double sided tape to secure them in place. I’ll eventually replace the tape with velcro, but I don’t have any on hand and didn’t feel like going to the store. Since we’re not using the crib yet (and changing the sheets), I’m not too concerned about the panels going anywhere. I’m a fan of how it looks.

Crib skirt

I used the same fabric to make a cover for the lumbar pillow on the gilder. I skipped the headache of putting in a zipper and make it envelope style.

Lumbar pillow

I have a good bit of this fabric left over so I might attempt a storage basket of some sort. It’s a mid-weight twill so I think it would be perfect for a basket of some sort.

Baby DIY: Artwork

Like most good things, I saw a great idea on the Internet and decided to copy/tweak it to work for me. Joi posted about her Kate Spade inspired canvas (inspired by Pinterest, naturally).

I wanted to do something a bit different, so I painted a canvas I had on hand (11×14) with some orange acrylic paint. I bought some pink and silver scrapbook paper and punched out 2inch scalloped circles using a punch I already had. I decided on an arrangement then hot glued the circles to the canvas. Easy peasy.

For some reason I’ve had a horrible time getting a photo of this where the colors aren’t totally off. I think I might need to try taking a photo during daylight hours.

This photo best shows the shade of orange:

And the final product:

I plan on hanging this on this wall to the left in a sort of gallery arrangement, provided I can figure out what else I’m going to hang.

So far I’ve got the orange artwork, a ruffle wreath (apparently I haven’t blogged this yet!), a Sharon Montrose baby monkey print, and the Heather Mattoon Cats in Clothes print.

Nursery Progress: The Decal

We finally had a chance to get the decal up on the nursery wall. It wasn’t necessarily difficult, just a bit time consuming. The tree was in 2 pieces, each bird is at least 2 pieces, the owl had 5 additional pieces, and what seemed like a million leaves.

All in all, it took about 2.5 hours to complete it. I think it makes a huge impact in the room and I’m so excited about it.

We couldn’t take the decal all the way down to the baseboard, but oh well.


I love the mix of hot and soft pink. I think it goes so well with the rest of the room where we have all shades of pink.

decal -edit

We’ve got two birds flying in for a landing and two hanging out on the crib

So now one out of 4 walls is “done”! Yay!

Nursery Progress: Part 2 million

I owe you guys some more updates. First, we’ve got the curtains hung.

Hot Pink Gingham Curtains

And we’ve got the changing pad up on the dresser. We still need to secure it to the back of the dresser, but that’s just a simple screw.

Dresser with Changing Pad

Also, I was browsing Target over lunch the other day and spied some Smith & Hawken wire baskets on clearance. I was super tempted to buy a whole bunch, but I limited myself to one of the larger size. I’ve got it stashed under the side table corralling some receiving and swaddling blankets. (I also got the Aden & Anais swaddling blankets on sale at Target – 4 for $25!)

And finally, while I was at the shower, Matt and his dad hung a new ceiling fan. We went with a white fan and it looks great. They also installed a dimmer for the light. I think we’re going to add dimmers to the other two switches so the fan speed can also be controlled via dimmer.

New ceiling fan

So that’s generally where we are now. I’m trying to figure out what else we need to purchase between now and the end of March and trying to figure out how to best organize the closet and dresser drawers. Baby clothes are so tiny and these dresser drawers are so massive!

Nursery Progress: A DIY Ottoman

When we bought the glider from Pottery Barn Kids, we decided not to purchase the matching ottoman. I searched around on the Internet for awhile but couldn’t really find anything that I liked. So I decided to make my own.

There are lots of turning-a-coffee-table-into-an-ottoman posts and general info out there on the web, but that’s not the route I wanted to take. First, I didn’t feel like hunting around for a round coffee table that would work as an ottoman and second, I’m kind of impatient.

I found an article on the Better Homes & Gardens website about a DIY ottoman. I read through the steps and loosely based my plan on it.

We have an ottoman on the 3rd floor and I based some initial decisions by testing that one out. The ottoman was 15 inches tall which seemed a good height for the chair. It also helped determine an 18 to 24inch radius. We don’t own a jigsaw, so I was really hoping to find a round table top at the hardware store. Without a jigsaw, I couldn’t buy a plywood square and trim it into a circle. I remembered that Young House Love had transformed a table for their old sunroom by purchasing a new table top from Lowe’s, so I was optimistic that I could get most of my materials there. Indeed, I was able to score a 24inch round table top and four legs with appropriate mounting hardware.

Next I was off to JoAnn’s armed with a 20% off the entire purchase (including sale items!) coupon. I bought 3 pieces of high density foam measuring 22 x 22 x 2. I’m not sure if having the bulk foam custom cut would have been cheaper or not, but since the foam was already 50% off and I had a 20% off coupon, I wasn’t too concerned.

I also bought some batting, but turns out that I had enough batting at home so I’ll be saving the batting that I purchased for another project.

Lots of words and no pictures yet, let’s fix that!

First a height check. We’ve got 6 inches of foam, 1 inch of tabletop, and 7 inches of feet (not pictured). So we’re at 14 inches total. Pretty close to my target height.


I have outlined the tabletop on each piece of foam for my cuts.

And I used scissors to cut the foam to size (and electric knife would have been preferable but we don’t own one). Since my foam sheets were not 24×24, I had 2 sides where I needed to piece together the trimmed off foam to fill things in. This worked fairly well.

Next I took the foam out to the garage to spray the layers (and pieces) together with adhesive. I let them set up for a bit and attached the leg hardware. I found the legs in the aisle with trim at the hardware store. These leg plates were right next to them.

I positioned them 2 inches in, leaving plenty of room to staple the batting and upholstery.

Next, I took the tabletop out to the garage and used the spray adhesive to attach the foam.

The next step was applying the batting. I used a double layer and tried to pull it as tight as possible (to smooth out my imperfections with the foam). You need to be careful not to pull too tightly though, the batting can rip.

Then I took a week long break and looked at pretty fabric online. Then I got impatient and took a picture of some fabric I found at JoAnn’s for Matt’s approval.
Ottoman fabric

Matt approved, so this past Friday night I headed out to JoAnn’s and bought a yard and a half. I came home and stapled the fabric on.

With the ottoman being round, things aren’t perfectly smooth and there are little pleats all the way around. But you know what, I don’t really care. If we decide to slipcover it in the future, you won’t be able to tell. I still need to paint the legs/feet, but I’m calling this project d-o-n-e. If I were to do it all again, I’d definitely pick up an electric knife for cutting the foam – especially since my ottoman isn’t a square/rectangle.

Ottoman complete!

It brings some nice color to the room (and you can spy the finally-hung curtains!). But the ottoman’s biggest fan is probably Savannah. I’m pretty sure that Savannah thinks everything in the nursery is meant for her. I actually caught her napping in the crib this past Sunday. I’m hoping that she was only lured in there because she couldn’t resist a nap on the quilt that Grammy made for Baby Kesler.

Savannah sized.

And here’s the breakdown:

Tabletop, legs, and leg hardware: $38.03
Foam and batting: $31.46
Home Decor fabric: $12.12
Grand Total: $81.61