Katie’s First Christmas

We had a bit of a whirlwind right before Christmas this year and if you follow me on Instagram then you know that our Christmas week was thrown out of whack by a stomach virus that Katie picked up.

The Friday before Christmas was Katie’s last day at daycare. I picked her up at lunch time, brought her home for a nap, then we were off to my sister’s house for dinner & presents with them and my mom. Katie ate dinner with us, loving the prime rib, asparagus, and especially the wild rice. Girl was taking handfuls of rice off of my plate!┬áKatie got her first round of awesome gifts – the Chicco Baby Jogger (a walk-behind toy), a ball-popper, and bead maze. She loves all of them! Savannah really likes the ball popper, too.

Saturday was a low key day where I made 10lbs of mashed potatoes for our next Christmas gathering on Sunday, Christmas Eve Eve. Sunday was another great Christmas gathering with my dad’s side of the family. Katie did great,┬ádespite┬átaking only a 30min nap in the car on the way there and missing her afternoon nap.

Unfortunately, Sunday was the last day that Katie was healthy. She woke up on Monday sick with a stomach virus that hung around until Saturday. Add in some teething and a nasty diaper rash and things were less than fun. We still had a really nice Christmas and Katie has just about mastered the walker. We have to help her steer it but she’s not falling down as much.

Katie also decided that she would start standing up using anything that was at least an inch off of the ground. And that she would start standing without holding on to anything for about a second before falling.

Regardless, Katie’s first Christmas was pretty great but next year should be even better!


Vacation Recap

Oops! I went on vacation for two weeks and was too busy to update the blog. Here’s a catch up post.

Matt painted the nursery. (Martha Stewart’s Sea Glass in Glidden base — satin finish)

Then he painted the downstairs hallway. (A Restoration Hardware color matched to Glidden in eggshell finish. I think maybe this color is Gravel? I can’t remember)

Then the upstairs hallway. (Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter color matched to Glidden in eggshell)
Upstairs hallway

Then he did a second coat on the downstairs hallway and painted the kitchen the same color as the hallway. I’m not sure he’ll ever paint again.

We enjoyed a great Christmas and New Years. We hosted a Mad Men/1960s themed NYE party and had a blast (though staying up until 2:30am was a bit rough). Here I am with our niece Adi in our homemade photobooth:

And with a candy cigarette:

We also bought a 1963 Life magazine from the antique store and created a display of old ads:

I also started the third trimester. Cue freak out. We have finally ordered the crib but made no progress on the glider situation. Hopefully we will soon, though, because we’re down to 12 weeks until the due date. Time is going to start flying by.

Cross your fingers that time slows down a bit — I already know that January is going to whiz by!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas and is gearing up for a wonderful New Year.

I’ve been on vacation since Dec 20th, and it has been amazing. I’m dreading the return to work on Jan 3rd. We headed into Roanoke for Christmas, but had to cut our trip short and return home on Christmas Day to avoid the snow.


We’ve been hanging around the house this week. Savannah has been enjoying long naps on the heating pad.


I hope that you have had a fun and relaxing holiday as well! Today we’re gearing up for a low-key New Years Eve here at home with our friends Josh & Casey.

See you in 2011!

Happy New Year


new year fireworks 3, originally uploaded by prajuvikas.

Happy New Year, y’all!

Well, I’m back to work today after just over 2 weeks of vacation. It was awesome. Blissful, even. I watched a lot of Harry Potter, ate too much food, and took naps. Heavenly.

But now I’m back and regular posting will resume. I’ve decided not to really make any resolutions this year. I hope to lose some more weight, exercise more, and keep my house clean.

Are you resolving this year?

Last Minute Wrappers

Thankfully I did my wrapping yesterday, but I did something a bit different this year and thought I’d share.

I’m not one for embellishments on the packages, but when I was wrapping some items in shirt boxes (can’t say what I was wrapping since a certain husband reads this…) I decided to take a cue from shops.

I wrapped items in tissue paper, then secured with some envelope seals that I had leftover from years past.

A small detail, but I think it’ll help build the suspense about what’s wrapped inside!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!