Feelin’ Hot! Hot! Hot!

I came home from a long day at work to a pleasantly cool first floor but a stifling 78* second floor. The poor dog, who is shut in our bedroom most days, was panting from the heat. Obviously, Houston, we have a problem.

So we’ve got all of the blinds firmly closed and all of the fans going full force. Thankfully a cold front is moving through so we’ll be getting some relief. We’ve got a call in to a heating/cooling place, so hopefully we can get this sorted out soon.

It seems like we have issues with our second-floor AC until once a year. Thankfully we’re not having 90* days right now!

Have you dealt with a temperamental AC before?


2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Hot! Hot! Hot!

  1. I feel your pain, because our house is old (1947) the AC was added later, and while it is supposed to be on the 2nd floor- it doesn’t effectively cool it off. Window units are going to be my new best friend. Good Luck.

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