One of Those Days

We all have them, right? Yesterday was a real doozie.

{for the sake of having pictures in this post so it’s not all text, prepare yourself for random pictures that have nothing to do with the content here. you’re welcome 🙂 }

I started off by making a batch of granola bars from a recipe suggested by my sister. It was SUPER easy and relatively quick to pull together. The final step is to put the mixture in a 9×13 baking dish lined with wax paper sprayed with non-stick spray and let cool for a couple of hours. So all is going well until I go to turn out the granola and cut it into bars.

Houston, we have a problem.

The wax paper was stuck. I spent an hour picking off pieces of wax paper; I died. I don’t really know what went wrong, maybe the mixture was just too hot when I put it in the dish? We’ll never know.

{Matt is playing in a tennis league this spring. Tennis is pretty hard to photograph, especially if you’re not right up by the court (and are lacking in the photog skillz department)}

Fail number two was dinner. Matt wasn’t going to be home for dinner, which in hindsight, thank goodness! I decided to make lentils and keilbasa, as originally planned. This was my first time making lentils and it was horrible. I was using chicken broth, as I read in a recipe, but they ended up being way, way, WAY too salty. I heated up the keilbasa in a skillet and that just wasn’t very good either.

{Alton has rediscovered Zeus’ bed as a prime sleeping spot. He hasn’t slept here in over a year. That is until he saw Savannah sleep on it one day. Now he’s allllll over it}

It really was just one of those days where nothing was going my way. So I had some champagne sorbet and popcorn and snuggled on the sofa with the kitten.

Kitchen: 1, Leigh:0

I’ll get you next time, kitchen!!

{and I leave you with my favorite Savannah photo to date}


April Fools

I’ve never really been one to pull April Fool’s pranks. I’m pretty bad at lying, especially when I find the lie absolutely hilarious. Today does remind me of one April Fool’s day in middle school when I pulled a “hilarious” prank on my at-the-time “boyfriend” — the term is used loosely. I think we held hands and wrote each other notes. Did you have boyfriends like that in middle school?

Anyway, I thought it would be absolutely hilarious to call my then-boyfriend and tell him that due to some crazy circumstance, Kentucky had been disqualified from the NCAA tournament. I can’t remember exactly the story that I came up with, but I think it was something about a last-second basket not counting or maybe an ineligible player.

Thankfully, I was pulling this prank over the phone, otherwise I never would have been able to pull it off. Are you a good prankster? I’m definitely not.

In other news, anybody else out there watch Modern Family?

image from

Absolutely hilarious show! Last night’s episode was centered around the iPad, and after seeing it “live” & “in action”, I’m totally lusting for one!

image from

Good job on the product placement and marketing, Apple.

Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead

Wicked has been playing here in Richmond all month. Apparently, Alton has seen too many commercials for it and decided to reenact the scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house lands on the Wicked Witch of the East:


All that cat needs is a pair of striped socks.

I’m Alive!

I’ve been in a blog funk. Sorry ’bout that.

I saw Dear John over the weekend. It was OK. I haven’t read the book but my friend that I saw the movie with has read and it she said they really changed some things around which made certain aspects kind of confusing. It’s probably a wait-for-dvd kinda movie.

I really haven’t been up to much else but reading a lot. I have been trying some new recipes in attempts to get out of my cooking funk, and that’s going pretty well aside from not really feeling like *following* the recipes exactly. I’ll try to write some review posts, but hey, no promises.

Let me see if I can scrounge up a pet photo for this post so it’s not so dreadfully boring. But on the upside, it’s almost the weekend!

{I love how Savannah looks cross-eyed in this photo!}

Random Post Wednesday

It’s Wednesday already? My how this week is flying by! It’s my last week on my current project so things have been extra hectic trying to get everything wrapped up and handed off.

I’m watching curling right now. I much prefer curling to ice dancing. When trying to watch the USA v Canada hockey game this weekend, we realized that our cable plan with Verizon was SO out of date that there were a bunch of channels that we didn’t get in HD but were included in the current base HD package. So last night I upgraded our service and I think we’re going to end up SAVING money. Pretty awesome, huh?

Pioneer Woman is doing a photography assignment over in the photography section of her site this week. The theme is Dogs; I took a bunch of photos of Zeus last night to enter into the assignment (which usually ends up with her picking favorites and giving out prizes).

Here’s my favorite:

Lets Go!

And of course I had to take a photo of Alton. Here’s my favorite of his:
Alton in black and white

Has anybody seen the movie Dear John yet? I’m going this weekend with a friend; am I going to need to bring tissues? I haven’t read the book this movie is based on but Nicholas Sparks books/movies have a way of making me bawl my eyes out.

Another Post! With Pictures!

I know you’re totally amazed at my ability to have a post with pictures. These are from my iPhone since I got craptastic ones from my dslr (damn winter with its low light. I really need to start using a tripod or something).
Before the game (that we lost) on Sunday, I made Zeus his very own Colt’s jersey. Thanks to Matt for donating one of his t-shirts to the cause.

Making scones has been my thing for the past 2 snowy weekends. This time I used fresh blueberries (which were HUGE btw) and this recipe from Good Things Catered. They turned out AWESOME and tasted delicious. I think this will be my blueberry scone recipe for now on.

Speaking of breakfast foods, did you SEE the Pioneer Woman’s post about doughnuts? I think I’m going to have to attempt those this weekend.

In pet news, Alton has decided to start napping in the cave/cubby portion of the kitty condo. Probably because he barely fits into the top nest section nowadays.

In other news, I got almost all of the building done for Knock Off Wood’s bookcase. My plan is to wood fill the screw holes and sand tonight, then sand the wood-filled parts quickly tomorrow, stain on Saturday and polyurethane on Sunday. That’s basically a run-on sentence to tell you that you should get to see it on Monday or Tuesday.

In other other news, we’re going out to dinner Friday night for Valentine’s Day. I’m excited because this place has super delicious food.

Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day?