Week 25

Annnnnd it’s the week 25 recap!

25w - edit

  • How far along? 25 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 10lbs. Our scale at home is 2-3lbs off and it’s analog, not digital, so it’s kinda tough to know what my gain is between doctor appointments. So I’m just going to note my estimates between doctor appointements and then after appointments will be my actual gain
  • Maternity clothes?  You know it
  • Sleep: No complaints.
  • Cravings: Nothing really to report this week
  • Best moment this week:
  • Movement: Yep.
  • Gender:  Girl
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • What I miss: Nothing is really coming to mind
  • Milestones: I think I’ve started having some Braxton Hicks contractions.

Time is totally starting to fly by!


Week 24

And we’re back with week 24!

24w - edit

  • How far along? 24 weeks
  • Total weight gain: ~10-11 lbs. I go to the doctor tomorrow so I’ll have an “official” weight gain at that point
  • Maternity clothes?  Yeppers
  • Sleep: No complaints
  • Cravings: Cold things. And I feel like I should mention that I’ve been consistently eating sausage, egg, and cheese bagel sandwiches for lunch for a few weeks now. They are absolutely delicious and totally hit the spot. I guess this would be considered a craving?
  • Best moment this week: Matt got to feel one of the bigger kicks, but then Baby K decided to stop moving around. He says that she just doesn’t want to kick her daddy.
  • Movement: Yep. Have had some pretty strong kicks lately, and I love it
  • Gender:  Girl
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • What I miss: Not getting worn out so easily. I put up some of our Christmas decorations this past week and was totally spent by the time I was done.
  • Milestones: We’ve reached the point of viability. Baby K has a much greater chance of surviving if something were to go wrong and she were to be born at this point. Which is nice to know, but it will also be nice if she stays put for another 3 months.

Also this week, I assembled Baby K’s Ikea nursery furniture. More pictures/details to come later this week once I get around to taking photos.

Week 23

Let’s go right on in to the stats:

23weeks - edit

  • How far along? 23 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 10-11 lbs
  • Maternity clothes?  I just got 3 new tops, 1 dress, a tank top and 2 pairs of leggings. My non-maternity tank tops are pretty much done for at this point. My larger t-shirts (and Matt’s) still fit for hanging around the house. In the picture above, that’s a top not a dress. Crazy how long it is (for now)!
  • Sleep: No complaints
  • Cravings: Ice water. Doughnuts.
  • Best moment this week: Thanksgiving.
  • Movement: More and more. Baby K enjoys listening to bluegrass
  • Gender:  Girl
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • What I miss: Not having any aversions. It would be really nice if I just enjoyed eating anything (and everything)
  • Milestones: My first belly touching from somebody I don’t really know (Matt’s friend’s great aunt)


Week 22

It’s been another great week here. I think this might be what people talk about when they say that the 2nd trimester is the best. That said, my back hurts if I walk too much or just generally do too much. I have to take breaks and drink water if I’m being extra active. And doing things like grocery shopping wear me out. But I’m not nauseous, so life is grand.

I’m especially looking forward to Thanksgiving. It might be one of the best holidays to be knocked up during because hello, all of that eating! And some of my favorite foods (mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, rolls)! I’m super excited about going to 2 Thanksgiving dinners this year. I will admit that my plan includes limiting turkey intake so I can focus on what matters. Dressing and potatoes.

We also braved Ikea on Saturday, but that’s a whole other post.

On to the stats:

22w -edit

  • How far along? 22 weeks
  • Total weight gain: Umm, I haven’t weighed myself yet. My guess is 8
  • Maternity clothes?  I really need to buy some more tops. I just hate spending money on clothes with such a short life
  • Sleep: Decent. I think Baby K prefers when I sleep on my side so I’ve been going to bed that way with a pillow between my knees (hopefully helping my back pain) but I am still rolling onto my back for parts of the night, which is still totally comfortable
  • Cravings: Dressing. Mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes. Chex Mix (bought the supplies to make some and I CAN.NOT.WAIT
  • Best moment this week: Getting a bulk of the nursery furniture purchases knocked out
  • Movement: If I look at my abdomen at just the right time, I can see it twitching and moving. Totally freaky. I’m also starting to feel more internal movement — not kicks — which is pretty cool
  • Gender:  Girl
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • What I miss: Wine, kind of but not really. I’m slightly sad at the idea of not being able to drink at Thanksgiving this year. But I bought myself some sparkling organic apple cider so at least I’ll be able to pretend that I’m drinking wine
  • Milestones: Umm, nursery purchases?

Also, let’s compare my first pregnancy photo with this weeks because I have a hard time believing that I look pregnant.

14weeks and 3 days vs 22weeks:
14w3d - edit
22w -edit
What a difference 8 weeks make!

Week 21

This past week might have been one of the best yet. We had our ultrasound on Thursday and it couldn’t have gone better. We got to watch baby K move around, stretch her legs, move her fingers, and practice some sucking/swallowing. Absolutely amazing.

We’ve started a list of names and we’re trying out one possibility right now. It’s actually been really tough to switch from the nickname we’ve been using to a potential name.

I also made our very first baby purchase on Friday night – a 3 pack of long sleeve onesies. They are so cute – it’s hard to believe that there will be an actual person wearing them next spring.

On to the stats:


  • How far along? 21 weeks (and 1 day)
  • Total weight gain: Official gain from Thursday’s weigh in, 7.2lbs
  • Maternity clothes?  Elastic waistbands FTW
  • Sleep: Pretty good on most nights. I didn’t sleep well in the hotel this weekend, but that was more of a bed issue than anything else
  • Cravings: I think I need a steak dinner sometime in the near-ish future. Also, I’m getting seriously excited for Thanksgiving food. Oh, and I’ve been thinking about yams a lot. Totally random.
  • Best moment this week: Seeing Baby K on the ultrasound and finding out we’ve got a GIRL on our hands! Also celebrating our 4th anniversary.
  • Movement: Getting more frequent and stronger
  • Gender:  Girl
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • What I miss: Laying on my stomach
  • Milestones: Our big ultrasound

It’s a…


We are thrilled that baby Kesler is looking healthy and developing/growing on schedule. She made things a bit difficult for the ultrasound technician by being on the modest side, but it’s alright with me if she wants to be modest for the next, oh… 18+ years.

Now we just need to come up with a name (easier said than done it seems) and start figuring out some of the design elements for the nursery.