Bloomin’ Good

I spent a good handful of hours outside on Saturday planting some annuals I picked up at the garden store. This year I got a bag of pebbles to use as “mulch” in the planters to help keep the soil moist and to help keep the soil from washing away. I got one gerber daisy, then a sizable number of zinnias (assorted colors). I got a 4pack of pansies to round out my loot. Oh! And some little purple flowers that I can’t remember the name of.

I also snagged a gardenia for only $25!

What annuals keep you coming back year after year?


4 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Good

  1. I love the pebbles.

    I love those daisies. I’d like to get some this year. I’m a huge fan of the old-fashioned petunias and geraniums. My mom always had them, and now I do. =)

  2. That photo of the red flower looks awesome! I was planning to go flower shopping over the weekend, but it didn’t happen…fingers crossed for next weekend.

  3. So pretty! We have some marigolds that keep coming back and my allergies wish they wouldn’t.

    Hey, what’s that thing called in the 3rd picture, that has all the pebbles? Didn’t you get that at your bridal shower?

  4. I did get it at my bridal shower. I’m not sure what it’s called, it might be an herb planter, but it works well for flowers too!

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